19 Year old Byram woman accused of road rage

19 Year old Anntionette Occhifinto is facing six charges after she allegedly tailgated another driver. Then hit the driver's car and forced it off the road. New Jersey State Police say Occhifinto then punched the other driver through her open car window and ripped off her glasses. The victim's cell phone video helped police identify Occhininto. Who fled when she realized her actions were being recorded. The police report is not clear about exactly where the road rage incident took place. The report says the incident happened in Wantage on County Road 614 on June 27th. However, County Road 614 runs through Fredon not Wantage. Occhifinto was arrested on July 2nd and was ordered released from the Sussex County jail yesterday. She will be back in court next month.

Source: New Jersey Herald

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Photo by Pixabay


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