Best Credit Cards Of 2019

GoBanking's researchers have compiled a nice handy dandy list of what they think are the best credit cards to get in 2019. They analyzed over 200 credit cards for this. They have determined the top 5 cards in Travel, Airline, Rewards, and Balance Transfers. GoBanking sent me an updated direct link you can see by clicking right here. Venture One Capital One gets best for Travel, etc.

I myself just applied for a new credit card. I wanted to get a decent cash back rewards card for things that I already do in my everyday life. I've had my General Motors Mastercard for over 15 years, but that would only help if I purchased a brand new General Motors vehicle. 15 years ago, I usually had GMC Jimmy's. Seemed like the perfect move at that time. Go figure, I haven't bought GM since I got that credit card. Also figures, the credit card I applied for didn't make any of these lists! LOL. Ah well. I'm sure it's going to be great anyway.

Photo by Pixabay


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