Faith Family and Friends. My weekend in Pictures

Every Friday I leave work and wonder: What will I do for my weekend in pictures? Then it all just comes together. It's usually a good weekend when I have special time with family, an old friend or at church. This weekend all three happened. Saturday afternoon I met my friend George for lunch in Middletown, I've know George since high school. We became friends working at the A and P. I was the best man at his wedding. It's hard to believe we've been friends for over 40 years. This was the first time George met Kim and Gracie. We all had a great time. Saturday night we finally got to celebrate my son Matt's birthday. He just wanted to relax and have a nice barbecue. I made cheddar and bacon burgers and my home made cucumber salad. All of the cucumbers, fresh oregano and basil came from my garden. Matt has been working very hard at his new job. I'm glad he had a few hours to see us and relax. I've been going to church at the United Methodist Church of Matamoras for the past two years. Last month Pastor Diane asked me to become a member of the church. Once a month I help with youth group. I've been getting more involved but there are many others who help more. I was very honored by her request and accepted. Over the past two years my faith has become much stronger and I love my church family. Yesterday during our morning service I was officially welcomed as a member. Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon I had a great time in the pool with Miss Gracie too. She's three and a half and needs her life vest but it's still amazing how well she gets around in the water using her legs and arms.


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