My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Beating The Heat!

This Epic Weekend In Pictures is certainly action packed. I knew going in that we had some loose plans, but with the hot, sunny weather my goal was to enjoy a few drinks outdoors. Mission accomplished. The majority of my weekend was spent in Franklin, and Vernon. Not the most well traveled weekend, but still tons of fun.

We'll start with Friday afternoon, where I was at Nielsen Ford awarding our First Responders Of The Month award to Fredon Fire Department. They cover 18 square miles, and also assist both Hampton and Stillwater. I know they'll be putting their $500 donation from Nielsen Ford to good use, that's for sure. Hard working volunteers who help us 24/7. Getting to meet and honor our First Responders Of The Month is one of my favorite things we do.

Friday night, time to hit the patio at The Irish Cottage Inn. Our friend Tina was there playing an acoustic set with her band Party Of Phive. Ironically, I enjoyed some of the show with Carl from the band Sick Star Nation. Full disclosure that I'm friends with all of these bands, but if you ever get the opportunity to see (in no order,) Party Of Phive, Sick Star Nation, or Scot McBrit, you are in for a fun night. They all are terrific cover bands, playing favorites from both yesterday and today, plus they always have fun crowd interaction.

Awesome Girlfriend Megan had the girls this weekend, so she was in Hackettstown while I was in Vernon. We missed each other big time but she was able to bring them to The Cottage Friday night. Our friends at The Cottage even added a table to the packed patio for us. I don't know if that made us look like rock stars or divas, but either way it provided great laughs. We enjoyed the steamy summer night out with so many of our friends. Then after the show, I was able to go to Kite's in Vernon for a night cap. For some strange reason, I seem to always run into friends wherever I go. I think it's because people hope that I'll be bringing my Pets Of The Week on the road with me, lol. I enjoyed a fun nightcap with Floyd, Maegann, Kevin and Patricia.

Saturday I went into the radio station to get some office paper work done. Sometimes it's just easier to get stuff done on the weekends when there aren't as many people charging into my office.

Saturday night the plan all along was go see friends at Moonshine Poolside Bar. Boy did we ever have a fun, late summer night party night. It was one of those fun nights where as time went on, more and more friends started showing up. I think we had over 100 people at Tiki Bar eventually. The bar was slamming, everyone was laughing and having fun. Success. I think I went home at 11, way past my typical preferred bedtime but so much fun. On a hot summer night, everyone was happy to relax with ice cold drinks and just enjoy the beautiful scenery of the pools at Minerals and the gorgeous mountain sunsets.

Sunday, more office paper work at the radio station. It's not always just fun and games in the radio life lol. I then went back to the Cottage on a whim. I ran into several of our regular friends. Buckeye Paul, Packer Fan Patrick, Cowboy Fan Bartender Rachel, Mayor Paul, and Vince. I want to congratulate Vince Bell on his great news that he is an expectant grandfather. He bought us a victory round beer to celebrate his good news. On top of that, we had fun just busting on each other. I always say there's nothing better than when friends are hanging out and just bust on each other all day. Poor Buckeye Paul was usually our random target, but he was a great sport taking it all in stride.

Sunday afternoon, more fun with friends at Moonshine Poolside Bar. Hanging out with Brad and Steve was terrific, and getting to run into James, Dee and Christin was fun too. Christin recognized me from the radio station, my friends got a kick out of that.

Overall we had a wonderful weekend. I hope you had a great weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend!


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