Swimming Ban Advisory Continues At Lake Hopatcong

The Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) on Lake Hopatcong has decreased according to examinations reported by the New Jersey Department Of Environmental Protection. Even though the situation appears to be improving, state officials aren't lifting the swimming advisory ban. You can see their full report by clicking here.

Our friends at NJ Herald are reporting that the next meeting for this will happen Monday.

After the harmful algal bloom (HAB) on Lake Hopatcong had been initially appearing to be diminishing, the problem has now become slightly worse, according to studies released from New Jersey's Department Of Environmental Protection. The DEP also warns that even if you can't see harmful bacteria on the water surface, dangerous bacteria might still be underwater.

Monday night New Jersey's Department Of Environmental Protection Commissioner Catherine McCabe met in Hopatcong High School's cafeteria with approximately 2-300 people. Concerned residents, businesses and others attended. You can see more about that meeting here.

The DEP has warned this advisory could be in place for weeks. Experts can't even attempt to predict how long this advisory situation, where we are advised to not come into any contact nor drink the water, may last. Coming into contact with the infected water can give rashes and ingesting it can make you sick. We have always loved exploring the many restaurants and bars all around Lake Hopatcong. Hopefully this situation resolves itself very quickly. I would like to point out that even though you don't want to swim in the Lake, the restaurants and bars all around Lake Hopatcong are still open for business.

You can see the full story on DEP's weekly Wednesday flyovers by clicking here.

The DEP has also told our friends at NJ Herald that this natural problem basically has to fix itself.

Photo by Pixabay


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