You Might Be A Zombie Eater! Plus when you should get joint bank accounts.

Zombie eaters are apparently a thing. I laughed when reading that 88% of American's can't eat without staring at a screen. Then I realized that is definitely me! Even growing up I always had to watch TV while eating. I think part of the problem is I HATE hearing the sounds of people eating, even if the noises are from myself. TV just helps drown that noise right out for me. 91% watch TV while eating, which means for a rare change of pace I'm actually with the majority. I will find articles before work and turn them on save them for what I call my lunch time reading. 83% admitting that they've let their food go cold while eating seems rather aggressive though.

You can see the full survey here.

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Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I do not have any joint bank accounts yet. I'm totally fine with couples having joint bank accounts, as long as they can have their own separate accounts too. I'm all for financial partnerships and no secrets, but you need at least some privacy if you ever want to get your partner a surprise, right? I remember 15-20 years ago while working at my paint store job, ringing up a credit card. The customer's credit card kept getting red flagged because at the same exact time her husband was making a jewelry store purchase for their anniversary present. A wonderful surprise ruined because they had the joint credit card. I'm awful enough with surprises, I don't need other circumstances like that derailing them.

They have come up with 5 questions you should ask your partner before getting a joint bank account, such as what are your recurring expenses, your goals, credit scores, and will you be required to run purchases by each other first.

You can see the full article here.

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