My Epic Weekend In Pictures: My Sister From Boston Visits Us!

When my Wicked Awesome Sister Suzanne from Boston visits us here in Sussex County, New Jersey, you know the Weekend In Pictures will be rather Epic and action packed. I want a nap already! This weekend started off with my central air having issues, and ended at Tiki Bar celebrating that I survived yet another day at The New Jersey State Fair Sussex County Farm And Horse Show.

My sister Suzanne is one of my very best friends, so when she's able to take time off from her 3 jobs and visit us it means the world to me. Many moving parts in her world, that's for sure. She always gets annoyed when I refer to her as my little sister, which she'll have to get over, because she will always be my little sister.

Friday morning, I had a nice visit from a central air repairman. Earlier last week I found myself sweating in my place, looked at the thermostat and saw that it was reading at 75 degrees. Much to Awesome Girlfriend Megan's dismay, I usually keep my thermostat close to 68 degrees in the summertime. Meg is the type who is always cold, and loves all the heat waves we've been having this summer. I'm irish, therefore melting happens often. The central air repair guy was clutch, refilling my coolant and noticing that I needed to change my filter. I successfully changed my filter this weekend. Small / large victories all over. I was dreading the prospect of having busted up central air when my sister was visiting. Always that added pressure of wanting everything to work right when you're having company, right?

Friday night, my sister Zannie (Suzanne,) arrived! We had her meet us at Crystal Springs, where we were enjoying a nice night on the Terraces by Springs Bistro. Suzanne got lost on her way there, and this was my fault. I told her to call me when she got in the circular driveway, so I could jump out and meet her, show her where to park. She kept getting misdirected in the circle that you drive by right when you pull into Crystal Springs off of Route 517. She kept driving circles in the dark. I felt absolutely awful. After 20 minutes of fiascos I got in my car and was able to find her. I was able to get Suzanne situated with Awesome Girlfriend Megan, besties Jasen and Brendan, Jennifer and James, and Lisa. I was sure to get Suzanne a margarita after all that driving and adventure.

Saturday our big adventure was taking Suzanne to the absolutely gorgeous infinite pool at Crystal Springs. After having her visit me usually once a year the past few years, I feel like we've taken Suzanne everywhere. Granted there are still hidden gems out there even I haven't seen yet, but I think with Zannie we've shown her the big hits. High Point Monument and Buttermilk Falls is where we took her last year. This year, I wanted to help her relax. My sister works so hard at her 3 jobs, I wanted her to just enjoy pool time.

Saturday was clutch. Suzanne got to hang with our bestie Shawn and Meg. We were having so much fun relaxing, enjoying drinks in the pool. My sister Suzanne randomly has a hand print tan on her shoulder - I should've added that to our Weekend In Pictures. We had an amazing time together at the pools, laughing and relaxing. Meg took a couple cheap shots at me for not having an engagement ring on her finger yet. I'M WORKING ON IT! SOMEDAY!!! All in good fun. At one point my sister said "wow Meg, it's not even 10am yet and we're hitting my brother on this, and it's funny." Thanks Team!

Saturday night we were able to take Suzanne to The Irish Cottage Inn in Franklin. They were doing a big 80s party with our friends from The Scott McBrit Band. Our friend Damian passed over jello shots to Meg and Suzanne which made them very happy. Immediately after receiving their jello shots, I tried lining up the girls for a selfie. The problem was that little Miss Awesome Girlfriend Megan had already wolfed down her jello shot. I was able to secure another jello shot for the girls so we could complete the photo opportunity.

Sunday. FAIR DAY. UGH. I felt horrible that my sister came all the way to visit me, and I had to leave her to go to work. Fortunately Meg was off and able to hang with Zannie. Sunday I took them to Minerals so they could relax by the pool, and my sister gave us the quote of the day when she said "New Day, New Pool!" I was very happy to hear her say that. I got the girls two yummy Bacardi Rum Buckets, and I knew they would be in great shape.

Sunday at The New Jersey State Fair is always an adventure. Turnout is huge, and WiFi is TOUGH. I like to post more on Facebook and Instagram (@SteveAllanRadio,) but WiFi at The Fairgrounds when it's so crowded just doesn't work unfortunately.

There were highlights in addition to me dodging the wildlife at The Fair. I enjoyed an ice cold beer with my friends Parker and Jill Space. We always joke that every single year, our Fair tradition, the three of us end up in the beer tent together at some point. We had a great time. I love when everyone comes up to our table and thanks me for doing my Pet Of The Week feature!

I'll be surviving the Fair again Tuesday from 3-7pm and Friday 3-7pm. One day down, two more to go!

Sunday night after the Fair we hung out at tiki with our besties, Jasen, Brendan and JG. I'm very appreciative of my friends who took time out of their day to see my sister. I'm very blessed.

Overall we had a fantastic weekend with my sister visiting. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend!

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