Pizza killer could get his sentence reduced

More than 22 years ago 18 year old Thomas Koskovitch and 17 year old Jason Vreeland gunned down two pizza deliverymen in Franklin. Koskovitch was sentenced to the death penalty in 1999. His sentence was changed to a life sentence two years later. Vreeland was sentenced to life in prison in 2000. Yesterday in Newton Sussex County Superior Court Judge Thomas Critchley agreed to allow Vreeland to argue for a reduced sentence. Vreeland's attorney Elizabeth Smith cited Vreelend's "not fully developed" 17 year old brain and his attending a Christian Bible College as reasons to re-sentence her client. Assistant Sussex County Prosecutor Laura Nazzaro argued Judge Lorraine Parker's sentence in 2000 was "more than appropriate" and took "all factors" into consideration. Judge Critchley gave Vreeland and his attorney 60 days to supplement their case. The judge acknowledged re-opening the case would be "excruciating" for family and friends of the victims but said it is worth "re-examining." Vreeland was convicted of shooting 25 year old Georgio Galleria once in the back of the head during the pizza delivery. Gallara's family still owns and operates Tony's Pizza and Pasta in Hardyston. If nothing were to change Vreeland would be eligible for parole in 2044. When he is 65 years old.

Source: New Jersey Herald

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Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

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