My Epic Summer Weekend In Pictures: Sunsets And Surviving The Fair

This Weekend In Pictures was definitely Epic! From surviving wildlife and manure at The New Jersey State Fair Sussex County Farm And Horse Show, to enjoying gorgeous sunsets with some of our Besties, we will never forget this weekend. Before we get into that, I would like to give you a Programming Alert. Next weekend I'm taking Awesome Girlfriend Megan up to Maine, therefore I won't be updating my Epic Weekend In Pictures until Wednesday morning next week. You can always see them as they happen on Instagram @SteveAllanRadio and Facebook too of course.

Thursday started off with a yummy lunch at Crystal Tavern with some of our radio station's fearless leaders. They always laugh, when it's lunch at Crystal Tavern I go for the beef burger, plain with bacon immediately, medium rare. Meg always loves to point out how much I hate change. I say, what's wrong with playing the hits? She's right. LOL.

Friday, my last broadcast of the year at The NJ State Fair. It's always entertaining when listeners come up to our table cracking up saying how they're sorry I'm there in my misery, but it's complete comedy gold. I must admit on Friday when they had me park by the manure stand yet again even I had to crack up. While the livestock aren't my wheel house, I do love getting to see and meet so many people at The Fair. They upped their craft beer tents from last year, so that helped me survive. I also want to shout out our Army, not just for their serving but also for an awesome obstacle training course. That was one of the more fun, interactive things at the fair for sure. Friday night I was able to meet up with Meg for a MUCH needed well poured Guinness at The Cottage. Our buddy Peter was up to the task, and even put the fancy clover into the foam for me.

Friday night we then rounded it up with our besties at Moonshine Poolside Bar with Brad, Steve and JG. Due to events we have all had recently, it was our first time getting to hang out together for the night in several weeks. A gorgeous Friday night enjoying drinks with your friends, while you're all busting on each other, laughing away. Nothing better.

Saturday morning, Meg and I broke a record and slept until 9! The Fair must've tired us out big time, we're always up by 7-7:30 no matter what. I blame the Fair. I did an online radio course on my laptop while Meg sunned herself on my deck. I swear Meg is addicted to warm sunshine. She is always cold in her defense. Then time to fire up my grill, well okay it's an electric grill, so more like plug in and let it warm up for 20 minutes or so. We enjoyed my world famous hot dogs on the grill. Success. Most would call this quite the odd brunch, but Meg and I don't care. We were quite happy.

Saturday afternoon / evening, an amazing cook out chill night with our besties, Shawn, Kim and Bill. Shawn lives in Vernon, we always joke that I can see her mountain from my mountain. The view from her deck is so beautiful and high up, you can clearly see High Point State Monument. I had to get a picture of the highest point in Jersey, of course! We always joke that you can see Russia from Shawn's deck. We had a low key night enjoying pizza, delicious craft beers and a breathtaking sunset. Nothing better than that! Between yummy IPA's and a delicious Stout, we were ready for bed shortly after going home. Meg volunteered to be my DD since these beers were high testing. I should have brought more low speed lower testing ones over to mix into our rotations.

Saturday night, after getting home Meg and I were able to watch her Dallas Cowboys in preseason action. It's quite enjoyable watching Meg screaming at the television, yelling at most players who aren't even going to make the team anyway. You figure if the roster right now is 90 players, then by regular season the roster is 53 active players, and over half the current team usually already has spots - you do the math - Meg was screaming at most guys who aren't even going to be on her team in three weeks anyway. That being said, if it was my Patriots I likely would've been screaming at the television just as much.

Sunday we were a little more low key. On a whim I took Awesome Girlfriend Megan out for a walk at Maple Grange in Vernon. That's one of our favorite spots. We actually hit it at a perfect time, probably 11am we were seemingly the only ones there despite the gorgeous weather when it's usually packed.

Sunday afternoon Meg and I did our normal farewell beer together at The Cottage in Franklin. She even sneakily paid for lunch. I was defeated. Sunday later afternoon I hit the hot tubs at Minerals Sports Club for an hour, laid out by the pool where it was PACKED, then went home. Sunday night I spent chilling at my place watching another Bar Rescue marathon.

Overall, we had an amazing weekend. I hope your weekend was wonderful too. I'll have our next Epic Weekend In Pictures Wednesday the 21st. Now time to start planning our next Epic Weekend - - - taking Awesome Girlfriend Megan up to Maine!

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