New Jersey makes the list of "Least Friendly" states.

The travel website Big 7 asked social media followers "What are the most friendly states in America?" One and a half million people responded. Out of the 50 states New Jersey came in at 46. Only 4 other states are less friendly than New Jersey. Those states were Arkansas, Delaware and Massachusetts. Then New York was dead last, congratulations! Pennsylvania was 17th. Not too bad. I'm sorry New Jersey but there might be something to this. Last year my son traveled to the mid-west and all he kept telling me was how nice everyone treated him. He went to a Mets game in St. Louis last June. While he was wearing his Mets Jersey and hat perfect strangers welcomed him to the ballpark. When the Mets lost the Cardinals fans said "we're sorry your team lost, maybe they'll win tomorrow." I just couldn't imagine something like this happening here. This past June I traveled to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and had a similar experience at local Weis Market. Early in the morning one of the guys stocking shelves noticed I was looking at the signs on the aisles. He said "You look like you've never shopped here before." Then asked if I needed help and walked around the store with me so I found everything I needed. The cashier at the store was great too. I've been in New Jersey my whole life. I think people from New Jersey don't like talking to people they don't know. So we never get a chance to talk to some very nice people. Maybe we should say hello to strangers a little more and see what happens.

Source: Big Seven Travel

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Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

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