Two Students Say Their Brother's Killer Was Their Substitute Teacher

A Tennessee family is demanding answers after a woman who admitted to killing a 19-year-old man during a drug deal over the summer was called in to to be a substitute teacher at RePublic High School.

25-year-old Khadijah Griffis told police that she shot 19-year-old Mykal Prime with her own gun in self-defense during a drug deal on July 25. Police are still investigating the circumstances of the deadly shooting and have not charged Griffis with a crime.

When Prime's 14-year-old twin brothers showed up at school, they were shocked that Griffis was their substitute teacher. Griffis reportedly recognized the boys and even taunted them.

"I was putting two and two together, and I was like that's my brother's killer," Daquan Prime said. "She kept on mimicking my name and kept on taunting it. She kept saying Daquan Prime."

The boys' mother, Juanneika Scott, couldn't believe that the school would allow Griffis inside the classroom after she admitted to selling drugs and killing Mykal.

"If they Googled her, they'd find out she had guns and drugs. A school teacher? I never heard of a school teacher like that," Scott said.

The CEO of RePublic Charter Schools, Jon Rybka, says that Griffis was sent to the school by a temp agency called Enriched Schools and was immediately removed from the premises after they learned about the allegations against her.

Rybka explained that Griffis was red-flagged by the temp agency following the shooting, but the flag was lifted and she was allowed back in the classroom. Rybka says that the charter school will no longer work with Enriched Schools until the agency can ensure that something like this will never happen again.

Despite getting an apology from Rybka, Scott says she plans to keep her children out of the classroom until the charter school makes changes to how they vet substitute teachers.

"If a red flag ain't working what other security measures need to be done?" Scott said. "I feel like I let my kids down when I sent them to school that day."

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