My "Auto" weekend in pictures

This past weekend included: a Jeep, about a hundred Chevrolet's and a brand new Toyota. Here's how it all happened. Saturday morning I woke up early and felt some motivation to wash and wax my Jeep. When I was finished my 5 year old car looked pretty good. Saturday afternoon I did a live broadcast at Nielsen Chevrolet's All Star Open House in Dover. The grand prize was a big screen T.V. Many of the kids who visited went home with a super soaker water gun. While all this was going on my good friend Keith was purchasing a new Toyota Corolla hybrid from my friends at Toyota World of Newton. He stopped by my house on Sunday to show me the car. I was really impressed. He'll be getting almost 60 miles per gallon and for a hybrid the price was fantastic. My son Matt stopped by to see the car too. He told me not to take a picture of him. Of course I took one of him when he was leaving. My tomatoes continue to be impressive this year. I made fresh sauce with basil, oregano and garlic on Sunday. Then enjoyed it with some spaghetti.


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