Fashion Rules We Can Break!

I LOVE this. 11 fashion rules we can break. Yes, you can wear white after Labor Day! That myth about not being able to wear black and brown together? Also untrue! It turns out that black and brown can actually work great to complement each other. Over the past couple of years I've found myself wearing brown accessories with black shirts, and haven't looked back since!

You can see the 11 fashion rules we can most certainly break by clicking here.

Photo by Pixabay

Expedia is letting us in on when it is the best time to book your holiday travel plans. This is tough to pull off, but if you can travel on the actual holiday, rates become significantly cheaper. My tradition every Thanksgiving for the past few years has been to drive up to Boston early Saturday morning instead of the nightmare travel days of Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This has been going much better for me! Expedia is saying if you book over 91 days in advance, or less than a week away, you'll usually end up paying much more.

You can see the exact dates Expedia tells us when we can save the most money by clicking here.

Photo by Pixabay


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