Whether Or Not To Pay College Athletes + Splitting Chores Evenly

Should college athlete's get paid on top of their scholarships? I don't think they should get paid additionally on top of the valuable free education they're getting. Most students think that college athletes should get paid, but if they did I bet costs would go up dramatically. I wonder if the students would still support this knowing it could put them even further into debt? I would honestly rather focus on the increasing cost of going to college. I went to Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts, because it was the best fit for me. I commuted all four years and saved a ton of money. I was able to pay off all of my college tuition before I graduated.

You can see the full survey here.

Photo by Pixabay

Nearly half of all men say they split the chores perfectly even, and nearly three quarters of all women are saying we're wrong. LOL. The women are absolutely right with this. You can see the full story here.


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