My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Worked, Played, and a Surprise Visit!

This was an Epic Weekend In Pictures I will certainly never forget. Some weekends are a little tougher than others when Awesome Girlfriend Megan is out in Hackettstown supporting the family and my life has me all over Sussex County. I missed her a ton this weekend, and fortunately I was busy nonstop which helps big time. My fun Epic Weekend brought my adventures to Space Farms in Beemerville, Heaven Hill Farm in Vernon's Great Pumpkin Festival (amazing,) an outdoor heated pool party in Warwick, then football Sunday Funday in Franklin and Vernon. We have so many highlights to get into after this action packed weekend.

Friday night I went to an Oktoberfest party at Space Farms. I had a beer with Parker Space last weekend, and he invited me to be his personal guest. I was so touched by his and Jill's invitation. He said it's a Space Farms after dark party, and this did not disappoint! Behind the scenes, I recorded a commercial with another client Friday. He happened to be at the party, and I asked Parker if I could try recording one more sentence with him on my iPhone and see if it can match up with what we previously recorded. Parker generously offered up one of his offices. I looked at the client and said "I'm not going into any one of these offices without Parker, he has snakes literally EVERYWHERE." I was correct. In my 15 year radio career, this was my first time recording a commercial with someone, while being surrounded by tons of venomous snakes in their nearby enclosed carriers. YIKES. Parker had fun showing off all of them too me. I think he enjoys seeing my irish face get even paler. We had a great time Friday night with so many of our friends. I think Fall might now be the busy season for Sussex County. It's funny how this tends to be known as the off season, with it being between the peaks of Wedding / Golf Season before Ski season. Everywhere I went this weekend seemed to be packed!

Saturday morning I had to run one quick dry cleaning errand in Vernon before my Heaven Hill Farm Great Pumpkin Festival event. Typically I like my average of dress shirts I drop off to the dry cleaner to be in the 5-9 shirt range. Since Sunday was my first day off from work in a few weeks, I haven't been able to make it to the dry cleaner in time. Needless to say I'm way behind. How behind? My old record was 14 dress shirts. This time I demolished my record with an jaw dropping 21 shirts. The sad part is as Awesome Girlfriend Megan would gladly tell you, is that I still have plenty more left to wear. #TheStruggleIsReal

Saturday afternoon, another one of the most interesting and intimidating parts of my career. Typically when they promote pig races at The NJ State Fair Sussex County Farm & Horse Show, I run far away in the opposite direction. As we know, I'm not exactly much of a country boy. When Heaven Hill Farm in Vernon asked me many months ago to announce my first pig race though, I just couldn't turn them down. Talk about an experience! When I brought Billy Ray Cyrus on stage at Skylands Stadium in August, I wasn't that nervous. I was honestly more anxious and excited than nervous. Last week when Chris Barron from The Spin Doctors was on my show and I hosted him, I was honestly still more anxious and excited than nervous. When it was time for the pig races? I WAS NERVOUS!!!

Heaven Hill Farm's Great Pumpkin Festival was absolutely amazing. You could see smiling faces for miles it seemed like. The fun carnival games and yummy fair food, plus corn maze, pumpking picking, hayrides, you just couldn't go wrong. Pastor Nick who announces the pig races was a GREAT sport, and he basically taught me how to pull off a pig race. You can see the hilarious video at the bottom of this page. The goats who surprised us at the end were adorable. I needed that after being intimidated by the 70 pound pigs. I swear, at one point I thought they were going to eat me to make up for all of the bacon burgers I've enjoyed throughout the years.

Saturday night our friends Janet and Steve had us over their place in Warwick for an outdoor pool party. Yes it was barely 50 out by then but we didn't care with that gorgeous heated pool. It's more like a large hot tub as opposed to a pool. We had so much fun. Then they fed me, Douglioso and Sally like KINGS. A massive TBone Steak that made me look like Fred Flintstone and I didn't care! We asked Janet how she makes herself so prepared for these events. (Yes, I'm calling a pool party with dinner and event, that's what they turned it into.) She then brought out several binders and books. WOW. I couldn't admit to her that I use my meat thermometer for all of my cookouts.

Sunday was a wonderful day. Absolutely wonderful.

My sister Suzanne and our buddy Jill went from Boston to The City for the Friends Popup Store. The pictures they sent me Saturday night were amazing. They did a phenomenal job building a Friends Replica. I then asked Suzanne "hey, if you guys are in the city, can you maybe swing by me on your way back to Boston?" They were able to come on up and swing by. I was on cloud 9. My sister Suzanne is one of my very best friends, always there for me. Jill, or Jilly as we often call her is family to us. I was so happy to take them out to lunch at The Cottage, and they could meet some of our regular buddies. All while we were cheering on our Patriots. Woohoo.

Overall we had an absolutely wonderful weekend. I hope your weekend was terrific too. Time to start planning next weekend

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