Sussex County hiker rescued from ravine by state troopers

Monday night was cold rainy and miserable. Those were the conditions on the Yellow Train in Fredon when a hiker called New Jersey State Police for help. It was around 7:45. The hiker was stranded in a ravine, clinging to a tree and trying to protect his dog. It was dark when troopers Sean Sullivan and Russel Cahn were able to find the trail. They used road flares to mark a path for other first responders to follow. The hiker was found unhurt at the bottom of a cliff. It was too dark dangerous to climb down on foot. Stillwater and Green volunteer firefighters soon arrived with high angle rescue equipment. The firefighters and Cahn lowered Sullivan down on a rope. The trooper secured the hiker and his dog to another rope and they were pulled to safety. Our first responders and state police never know what situations they will be called into. They have to try to save others without getting hurt themselves. The actions police and firefighters took to save the hiker and dog Monday Night were executed perfectly. Thank You to everyone who were a part of this. We all rest better knowing you are there.

Source: NJ.COM

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Photo by Pixabay

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