You'll pay to park at the new American Dream Mall

I've been looking forward to making a trip to the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford. Now I'm thinking twice. The parking rates are a little crazy. I know there's a lot of cool stuff to do there but paying to park at a shopping mall, really? The mega mall opens this Friday and on a regular day here's what you'll pay if you decide to drive and park there.

First 29 minutes is free.

The next three hours will cost you $3.00

If you stay under 5 hours its $4.00

Under 7 hours $5.00

Under 8 hours $6.00

Anything over 8 hours is $24.00

So I guess they don't want you to stay for more than 8 hours! Also, if there's a game or concert at nearby Met Life Stadium "Event" Pricing is in effect. That means it will cost you $30.00 to park for any amount of time. I guess they don't want you to shop when there's a concert or a game either. Your one chance to park for free is this weekend during the mall's special preview.

I have a feeling New Yorkers will pay. I'm not sure about people in Jersey.

Source: NJ.COM

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Photo by Pixabay

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