Family says Paterson Funeral home put wrong body in casket

A grieving family says the Bragg Funeral Home in Paterson out the wrong body in a casket for their private viewing. Then tried numerous times to convince them is was the right body. Geralyn McNeal told News 12 New Jersey her family was "traumatized" when they went to the funeral home the day before her grandmother Doris Chapman's wake and saw a different woman in her casket. Chapman's niece Valencia Coney said funeral home employees tried to convince family members the woman in the casket was Doris Chapman by saying things like: "She's not ready" and "She won't look like that when we're done." The family says Chapman's body was in the casket the next day for the funeral service. The funeral home had no comment on the matter. The family plans to sue the funeral home so another family does not have the same experience.

Source: New 12 New Jersey

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Photo by Pixabay

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