Here are the worst Halloween candies for your teeth

Happy Halloween! Today it's all about the sweet treats. If you and your kids partake in extra sweets over the next few days. The number one thing to remember is to brush and floss right after. Dentists say the candies that have potential to do the most harm are the ones that have contact with our teeth for the longest time. Candies that stick to our teeth and bathe them in sugar do the most damage. They feed the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Dentists these are the top 5 worst Halloween candies for your teeth. 1. Butterfingers 2. Gummy Worms 3. Laffy Taffy 4. Caramel Chews 5. Sour Patch Kids. I'm so happy Reese's and Milky Way didn't make the list!

Source: USA Today

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Photo by Pixabay

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