My Epic Weekend In Pictures - Some Wild Adventures While Laughing Away

This Epic Weekend In Pictures includes chill nights but action packed adventure days. Our travels took us to Vernon, Sparta, Franklin, and Vernon. Okay the lack of variety in towns would make you think that this weekend wasn't quite Epic, but we made our fun count. We'll start with Friday night. Friday it was a very busy and productive day behind the scenes for me at our radio station. By Friday night 5:45pm I was fried. On my way home, I swung by Kite's for a Titos and Seltzer, seeing my bartender buddy Kyle. I was beat. Sometimes when I go to a bar and see people I catch a second wind. That wasn't the case for me Friday night. I was so happy to go home, relax watching Big Bang Theory reruns after NFL Network. I was in bed by 9pm. Not every Weekend night has to be Epic. I was grateful to stay in and recharge.

Saturday morning, let the exciting times continue with a grocery shopping trip to Shoprite Of Sparta. I was very happy to successfully get my grocery carriage despite their intimidating quarter system. I enjoyed being out in the beautiful weather we were having despite those strong wind gusts. I then went to Sussex Meat Packing to get two Filet Mignon steaks that I'll be grilling for Awesome Girlfriend Megan's Birthday next weekend. The second I walked into Sussex Meat Packing a friend yells "Hey Steve Allan, where is Awesome Girlfriend Megan?!" I told her that while Meg wasn't able to be with me at that time, the yummy Filet Mignon steaks I was purchasing were for her. That helped matters for sure, lol.

Saturday afternoon, time for a new adventure. Friday night I was texting Awesome Girlfriend Megan, and we were able to sneak her out for a quick lunch date in Sparta. When Meg has The Awesome Daughters, we usually try to sneak out for a quick drink or lunch date in the Sparta area, because it's almost like a halfway point between me in Vernon and Meg in Hackettstown. I don't know what made me think of it, but I threw out a new adventure spot for me and Meg to try: The Sparta Pour House. Meg and I love going on mini adventures and trying out new places together. We always figure even if a new place is bad, we just laugh the whole way and get a funny story anyway.

Saturday afternoon such a beautiful day to drive from Vernon to Sparta. It's like you can feel everyone being happier when we have those random spring thaw days. My GPS took me to the Sparta Theatre district which I was surprised by just a bit. Awesome Girlfriend Megan parked by Sparta Lanes, and I told her that she could follow me the rest of the way. Meg then informed me that we were already there. I said to her "where?" She pointed over to the Sparta Pour House signs at Sparta Lanes and said, "Here!"

Little did I know that this place was inside the bowling alley. Little did I know that I had actually been in that bar getting a beer with my besties Shawn and Kim in November, while we were at a SCARC benefit. What's old is apparently new again! It was 11:30. Meg and I tried opening the front door but it was locked. We then went in through the bowling alley to find a nice bar, with TVs and lights all off. Never easily deterred, Meg and I waited alone at the bar together for a few minutes. We liked the looks of the craft beers on their menus we were researching, it was worth a few minute wait. A young lad came over and offered us menus. We accepted. This poor guy named Rob was an absolute sweet kid. Apparently due to someone calling out sick, he had to cover both the bowling alley and the bar. Not an easy task, it's a big area to cover. Meg got the Breckenridge Stout and I got the Six Point Brewery Hazy IPA. Both beers were decent. They weren't over the top fantastic, but they were decent. We then ordered my usual go to standard, boneless buffalo wings. These wings actually had a surprisingly good hot kick to them! They made Meg say out loud "Wooooo!" a few times.

Even though the adventure wasn't anything like we planned, it was still hilarious and delicious. As long as I have Meg with me, any adventure attempt is going to be fun.

Saturday afternoon for an hour or so I was able to relax watching skiers on my deck. One of my absolute most favorite parts about living where I do on Campus (Great Gorge Village,) in Vernon. Basically, when it's 40 or above watching skiers from my deck is amazing. When it's below 40, it's fun for a few minutes, but then you realize you can still see them from my living room where it's much warmer. I called my parents Saturday morning and excitedly told them that people were skiing and golfing all at the same time, all around where I live. Pretty awesome to get to live where we do. Mountain Creek was packed Saturday, and Crystal Springs had golfers as far as the eye could see.

Saturday late afternoon I got to see my besty Brad for a couple pints of Guinness at The Cottage. We showed our bartender buddy Amy how Peter poured me a perfect pint last weekend with a clover in the foam. She kept trying to figure out how to nail it down. We didn't mind having another Guinness to give her more practice. Comedy gold. Great time seeing so many friends.

Saturday night, I ended up on my couch sleeping to Titans upsetting the Baltimore Ravens. WOW. I didn't see that one coming at all!

Sunday morning, I made a fun trip to Walmart in Franklin to cash in coins. I'm sure you're very jealous. After that, back to The Cottage for a beer. While I'm having fun with my buddies Cowboy Fan Mike, Tammy, and Vince, I get a text from besties Jasen and Brendan. They were back in town and were inviting me over for a drink. Normally during a playoff football Sunday my Patriots would have my full attention, but since that isn't a problem these days I figured why not! They then texted me requesting I bring over a few bottles of Gatorade Zero, and a bag of ice. My curiosity was killing me. My friends guessed right, Vodka with Gatorade. I enjoyed a round of that, then went home to go back to watching Playoff Football on my couch.

This weekend had a little bit of everything! Overall I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. I hope your weekend was wonderful too. Time to start planning next weekend, getting ready for Awesome Girlfriend Megan's birthday! This better be epic!

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