The morning radio legend who inspired my career has died

I've been a fan of many legendary radio hosts. Dan Ingram, Dan Daniel, Bill Brown and Ron Lundy to name a few. Out of all the great D.J.'s on the air in New York City when I was growing up Harry Harrison inspired my career the most. My dad was a proud winner of a WMCA "Good Guy" shirt. I wish I still had it. My mom listened to the Harry Harrison Show on WABC every morning when I was getting ready for school. I was in first grade. Every morning I left for school feeling like it was going to be a great day. Harry was so genuine and upbeat. I looked forward to getting up and putting the radio on. Even as a little kid I thought of how wonderful it would be to start the day making other people feel good. . One day I wanted to be a morning radio host too. Harry Harrison "The Morning Mayor" was a morning show host on 3 major New York Radio Stations from the early 1960's to 2003. No one has ever matched that. His career as a New York morning show host lasted over 40 years. It's been almost 30 years for me as a morning show host here in Sussex County. My career will never compare to Harry's, but I know I would not be here if it wasn't for him. His love for his listeners came across every time he opened his mic. He was warm, friendly and genuine. Harry had great "pipes" too. The perfect radio voice. He probably stepped on too many vocals (just like me). He was not as quick witted as Dan Ingram either. Harry Harrison connected with his listeners by being real, being himself and having fun. One thing he said is very true. "There's something special about being on the air in the morning. It's the most personal time there is on the radio." Somewhere in heaven there's a wonderful radio station where Harry is saying "Mom put the coffee on." Harry, from one of the many people you inspired to be on the radio. Thank You.

Ken Foote posted a wonderful tribute to Harry

Listen to it here

Photo by Pixabay

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