My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Grilling Success, Purchasing Butter Fail!

This Weekend was definitely quite Epic. Our travels took us to Franklin, Vernon, Minisink, Pine Island, Sussex and more. We must start with an immediate accidental comedy gold story that started Friday morning.

Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I don't keep secrets when it comes to our world famous burgers and cheeseburgers. I always brag I grill the best burgers on Campus. Our Longhorn Steakhouse Seasoning, I rub 3 times on each side of the burgers. If it's a Filet Mignon like when I hosted my parents and Uncle JDawg, I only rubbed 1.5-2 times on each side. Burgers we stick to 3. Another secret we have, is that Meg always puts a dab of butter right in the center of our burgers. This helps them stay moist and juicy, and delicious. Friday morning I was calling Meg on my way into the radio station when she realized that we were out of butter. I told her not to worry, I can buy some butter. I then asked Meg to send me a text of the exact kind to get so I wouldn't screw it up. She then sent me a nice picture of butter and also margarine nearby. I texted her back "so butter, NOT Margarine right?" She immediately replied with yes, butter. By 8:45am, Steve Andrews and I start planning our daily 845am segment that we do together. I gave him permission to blast me for needing a text from Meg to help me, and then Andrews starts grinning ear to ear "just hearing you talk about this, I can tell you don't even know what margarine is!!!" I said "it's that I can't believe it's not butter stuff right?" So then Andrews had plenty of fun at my expense. We laughed. I then went to Shop Rite in Franklin to get a thing of butter and margarine for a funny photo op with Steve Andrews. After we did the picture laughing, Andrews looks at my butter and said "OH NO Steve Allan! You still didn't get the right thing. You got butter with "Canola Oil," that doesn't count!" Apparently I goofed and failed at buying butter. I'm 38 years old, am Program Director for three iHeartRadio stations here in Sussex County, New Jersey, and failed at buying butter. Everyone at the radio station was so helpful, then Shop Rite was too in Customer Service when I did my walk of shame with my tail between my legs over my butter purchase fail. She said "honey remember avoid the word 'spread." With the help of only 5-7 people, I was able to finally buy the right butter.

We then had a cookout for our besties. Everyone's had long weeks at work, we wanted to help everyone with a chill, relaxing night. Even though it was 28 degrees Friday night when I was grilling, we weren't going to let anything stop us. Yes, Meg was able to put the real butter into the burgers, despite my several fiascos. By the way, our besties over the last month have turned me on at their place to a "box of vodka." Interesting. I purchased a box of vodka, it was only $10.99, and was actually pretty decent. No bad headache the next day either. When I'm entertaining, this will be one of my go to purchases. It's so much easier than everyone having to hand over a bottle of Tito's left and right, plus there's less glass for us to deal with when you think about it that way. Plus, it's so expensive to ship heavy bottles of glass, that might be what increases our cost a little bit too. Although by the end of the night the heavy pours from bestie Brendan caught up with me, we had plenty of fun. Jasen's cheap shot at me for using Direct TV saying we were partying like 1999 was hilarious. Great times with our besties Jasen, Brendan, Carrie and Spooner.

Saturday morning Meg had a hair cut back towards Hackettstown, and I was left to my own devices. Fortunately I was able to score a massage appointment with my favorite massage therapist Elaine. She is the best therapist I've ever had, and gets knots out of me that many other very talented therapists have not been able to. Her medical massage style is fantastic. I'm not stiff the next couple of days like when I used to get deep tissue style massages. You can call her at 973-534-7478. She's terrific.

Saturday afternoon, big decision. With the beginning of March looming, and Meg saying recently that while she loved my beard, she was missing clean shaven Steve, I decided to surprise her and shave off my beard. I look younger and I think my face looks fatter. I'm very happy to be running on the Alter G Treadmill at Trinity Rehab in Sparta with Amanda today! Let's get me back to running for sure please!

Saturday afternoon time for fun with our bestie Shawn Stinnett. We had a couple of fun brewery stops planned. I have so many friends who love West Town Brew Works, and within minutes of being there it's easy to see why. That field view is absolutely gorgeous, and the beers were decent. My IPA was okay, but Meg's stout she had there was fantastic. Perfectly smooth, not too milky, chocolately, or oatmealy. Right on the money.

We then ventured to Pine Island Brewery which I enjoyed trying last year. Meg and Shawn loved it too. This one, the stout wasn't as good, but the IPA was better. We had a blast. We got pizzas to go from the nearby pizzeria and they were fantastic.

Saturday night, chill night at our bestie Shawn's place enjoying pizza, yummy IPA's, and laughing with friends all night. Meg was able to stay cozy during the fireplace all night long, so that was another major victory.

Sunday afternoon, time for mine and Meg's farewell beer at the cottage. I always get so sad on Sunday mornings when I know Meg has to go back to Hackettstown. At one point she was yelling at me "c'mon Steve smile, I'll be back Tuesday night don't worry." She hasn't run away yet, so we'll take that victory.

Sunday night, time for Happy Hour fun with Brad and Steve like normal. It's always fun recapping your weekend with your friends. Ironically that's basically what I do every weekend on Instagram "@SteveAllanRadio," as it happens, then Monday mornings when I get to tell you about all the fun memories we made. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. We had a wonderful weekend. I hope your weekend was terrific too. Time to start planning next weekend!

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