My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Birthdays And Celebrating Women

This weekend was definitely Epic. My travels took me to Andover, Newton, Franklin, Vernon, Pine Island, and beyond! My first time back on a treadmill in nearly 3 years. Celebrating birthday parties, crashing a GNO, and playing with a new kitten!

We'll start with Thursday night, where my work wife Shawn allowed me to crash her Girls Night Out with Michele, Laura and Gail. We had a great time catching up, it had been far too long. One of my personal highlights was updating Michele that I got engaged to Awesome Girlfriend Megan last August 17th, and showed her some of our pictures. Michele cracked me up saying "oh my god you two look like professional models!" LOL. I give credit to the beautiful Ogunquit, Maine backdrop and Brendan who had his iPhone ready to rock. We had a terrific time enjoying Thursday night Happy Hour at Kite's.

Friday was interesting. I ran out of my Clorox disinfectant wipes that I keep in my office. Steve Andrews had a very minor cold last week, so I always wipe down the studio after him being the total germphobe that I am. Friday morning, I used the last of my Clorox wipes that usually last me 4-6 months in my office, no big deal. I went grocery shopping in Franklin to restock my cleaning supplies, and was so surprised to see that there was a limit of how many Clorox wipes you could purchase, two per customer. I think there may be a bit of an overreaction to the Coronavirus here. That reaction wasn't as alarming as what I would see later in the weekend.

Friday night was a big one. Happy Surprise 50th Birthday to our dear friend, Amy! Amy and Bill (who doubles as the lead singer of The Scot McBrit Band,) are one of our favorite couples. They've been through so much this year, Meg and I wanted to do everything we could to see them, and help them smile. Awesome Girlfriend Megan was able to take a couple hours off from her job at Rutgers, come up from New Brunswick and arrive just in time for her big surprise birthday party at The Cottage. The place was even more packed than usual. Smiles everywhere. Amy was completely surprised, and we were so happy to see our friends smile. Along with seeing so many of our other regular friends at The Cottage, Friday night was fantastic.

Time for another birthday party! I then ventured from The Cottage to Blue Arrow Farm. Despite driving by it a zillion or so times over the past 6 years, I didn't learn until Friday that it is technically in Pine Island, NY just over the border from Vernon. Crossing state lines woohoo. They threw together a terrific birthday party for my friend Borasio, morning show man on 103.7 WNNJ. Felix And The Cats were awesome and made the packed house very happy. I did a juicy IPA which was terrific. The whole place is gorgeous and everyone was smiling nonstop. Another victory. Special thanks to Borasio, who gave me his exclusive behind the scenes tour. Lots of gorgeous artwork there. Wow.

Saturday morning was Epic in its own right, though maybe not for fantastic reasons. I told Meg my ultimate goal, to go back on a regular treadmill for my 1st time in 3 years. Last Monday was a huge success at Trinity Rehab in Sparta on their state of the art Alter G Treadmill. I ran 2 miles on 80% of my body weight, success! I figured I was more than ready for the normal treadmill running on 100% of my body weight. I was dead wrong. I was barely able to run a mile and felt awful. My iPod had been charging for an hour for the first time in a few years, and it died immediately upon entering the treadmill. In hindsight, I'd rather have my iPod die right before I got started instead of mid run though. I powered through the best I could. My friends Patrick and Sally walked by and gave me the thumbs up, I gave them a thumbs down. I was so disappointed with myself for my poor performance. I just kept reminding myself that the first steps are the toughest quite often. Everyone wishing me luck and well on Instagram (@SteveAllanRadio,) made me feel so much better.

Saturday afternoon I was able to hang with my buddy Spooner, who is one of the few on Campus enjoying a better view of the ski slope than me. Unfortunately, the weather was not in our favor and the mountain had to be closed. This must be one of the most brutal ski seasons weather wise in history. The blew snow two days last weekend, and it was already gone on Granite Peak. We still enjoyed the beautiful weather on Spooner's deck.

Saturday night time for fun with friends at Kite's. Great time catching up with Jasen, Brendan, JG, and Spooner. We didn't go out until 8 or 9, and with Daylight Saving Time I wanted to be in bed early. We were all having a great time laughing at each other's stories, I looked down at my watch and saw it reading "12:05am." I announced to my friends "Team, I'm literally turning into a pumpkin it's way past my bedtime, to all a goodnight!" I haven't been that out that late on a Saturday in quite some time. We were also psyched to see our bartender buddy, Sam on her birthday. I told her she should've worn a birthday hat for sympathy tips lol. We had fun.

Sunday morning came awfully quick due to late Saturday night and Daylight Saving time - yeah, let's blame Daylight Saving time! I like that. LOL.

Sunday morning I went to Walmart in Franklin to get cat toys. I was so disappointed to see that they are sold out of toilet paper. 100% sold out of toilet paper. Think people are overreacting a bit much to the Coronavirus hysteria? Unreal. I successfully got 3 cat toys, apparently the coil was rather massive and larger than the actual kitten.

Sunday afternoon, quick lunch with Meg and Awesome Daughters Hailey and Amanda. We had a terrific time at Sheridan's enjoying the gorgeous Lake Iliff view. Gorgeous weather. Success. The girls had fun, while we were waiting not so patiently for Caitlyn and Robbie P to bring home their new kitten. Their new kitten is named Delilah, and sooooooooo cute. She had fun playing with the kitten toys I brought her. I got cat toys, and a 6 pack of Budweiser for the kids because they love that beer. As I was leaving Wine Country, a friend rolled down her SUV window and yelled over to me "hey Steve Allan, is this part of your Epic Weekend?" LOL. I love living here.

Sunday afternoon, saw a couple more friends at The Cottage on my way home. I joked with Meg I need to take a different route home from Cait and Robbie P's house so I don't have to pass The Cottage and get tempted. LOL. Great time with terrific friends.

Sunday night, great time recapping my weekend for Kite's Sunday Happy Hour with besties Brad and Steve. Laughing with your besties and busting on each other, perfect way to round out the weekend.

Our weekend was fantastic. I hope your weekend was wonderful too. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Time to start planning next weekend. Oh alert, I'll be out of town next Monday visiting my family up in Boston for our annual St. Patrick's Day party. Tuesday morning I'll bring back our next Epic Weekend In Pictures