Another Epic Stay At Home Weekend In Pictures, With An Egg Cooking Failure

These Epic Weekend In Pictures are definitely different than what we are used to as we adjust to our new temporary ways of life. I joked with Steve Andrews Friday that this weekend was going to be a big relationship test for me and Awesome Girlfriend Megan. Why? We have been together for almost 4 years, and I'm sure are used to me getting her every other weekend. Then when I do get her, we are constantly out and about seeing so many amazing friends that we have. This was going to be the first ever weekend that we were trapped in together, where there were many, many more chances for me to annoy Meg and drive her crazy. While I'm sure I annoyed her at times, overall our weekend was a major success.

I volunteered to let Meg make me watch chick flick movies. Basically Meg and my friends are learning more and more that not only am I not a movie guy, but most popular movies I have never even seen. The list could go on forever. Star Wars, Titanic, Bridesmaids, Harry Potter, etc. You name it, and I likely haven't seen it. I'm so bad with this that we're at the point when people are pleasantly shocked that I actually have seen a popular movie.

Friday night we were able to see our besties Jasen and Brendan. They grilled steak and salmon, and it was beyond delicious. That coupled with yummy red wine, laughing with friends at a distance made for fun times. The weather was so nice we walked down the mountain to see them and walked back up. Granted the walk up felt a little bit longer after the yummy red wine, but we had a great time.

Saturday morning I dragged Meg grocery shopping. We shopped for a cookout we basically didn't have. We only had Jasen and Brendan over, but we still bought and grilled as if we had our normal crew of 8-10 people. We grilled 13 burgers. I know, a little "extra," as the kids would call it.

Saturday afternoon Meg and I were relaxing staying home watching NFL Network specials. Therapeutic and fascinating at times. Then I had to go into work mode when President Trump announced that he was considering ordering a quarantine for New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. My laptop and new headset were 90% ready to do a radio thing live from my living room, but with that pending situation it forced me to become 100% ready. Meg was awesome and always understands my on call 24/7 radio life career. She relaxed on my couch while I was trying to get everything in order. I'll admit then when they announced later that a quarantine wasn't necessary, I mumbled a few times "way to make me work Saturday afternoon for nothing, thanks!" That being said, while it was inconveniencing, it's not like I have been inconvenienced as much as millions of Americans have been. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is being impacted by this, which seems to be all of us.

Saturday night we grilled in the rain and had a blast. Meg made sure to get good cheese for our friends and herself. She made me up my game a level by putting not one but TWO slices of cheese on our world famous burgers. I worked so hard to put the slices on perfectly, that I realized after awhile when the burgers were almost done - I FORGOT TO FLIP THE BURGERS! I'm not a grilling expert by any means, but I think this was the first time I ever forgot to flip burgers. I was nervous about the results.

Fortunately, my friends all said these were arguably my best burgers yet! I brought in extra leftover burgers for our radio personalities Steve Andrews and Borasio. I hope they like them.

Sunday we got some work done. I spent a few hours in the afternoon trying to get all 3 of our iHeartRadio Sussex stations up and ready for the iHeartRadio Living Room Concert on Fox Television. I didn't get to watch much of it because I was working with engineers on our new remote setups, but my friends all say it was a fantastic show.

Thank you so much for listening and taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures recap. Overall we had a wonderful weekend. I hope you had a terrific weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend!

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