My Epic Virtual Weekend In Pictures, We Still Made Moments Count

These Epic Weekends have definitely been more low key than normal, but that's okay. We want to do our part in staying in, and know that in future times we'll be back to going on adventures all over the place. In the meantime, it's been fun at times to be more creative and enjoying things in everyday life that we normally do.

Thursday my remote Adopt A Pet Of The Week went great. I have Garret from Father John's Animal House send me the picture, and his voice recording description, then Sarah The Web Girl photoshops me together with my Pet.

Friday afternoon I received a Facebook friend notification that made me smile. Every hour on my show, I do shout outs, the past couple of weeks I've been trying to praise those going through tough times, and those are are going above and beyond. I was so psyched to see Glenwood Pochuck Ambulance team up with Vernon / Mcafee Fire Departments, and go put on a show for all of those kids who have birthdays and can't have birthday parties. They were so sweet saying that they enjoyed hearing my shout out, and that if I send them a recording of it that will make them smile. If I can ever do any small part to help our first responders smile, consider it done!

Saturday morning I could blame the stay home order for me eating buffalo wings for breakfast, but if you're a regular Epic Weekend In Picture friend you know that this is typical odd behavior from me anyway. I was aiming to be productive and was able to carpet sweep my rug that I don't let anyone walk on directly. Judging by the amount of sweeping I did, I think some of my friends in recent months have been sneaking in quick joyride walks on my rug. I'll be installing that Ring software at my place to catch them.

Saturday I was able to see Awesome Girlfriend Megan for a quick visit. I was so happy to get to see her. We ordered a to go meal from The Irish Cottage Inn, but Meg didn't know I was working on a minor surprise. When I went to Dunkin Donuts, I got my usual green tea. I also got 3 empty ice coffee cups with covers. I asked Damian at The Cottage to give me one Shirley Temple, one Roy Rogers, one draft beer, and a White Claw. This is what I would normally get Meg and the girls for a round if we were all together at a restaurant. I even got the cardboard cupholders to make it easier for Meg to travel with the to go drinks. I was very happy to be able to pull off a creative, virtual drink with Meg and the girls.

What did I binge watch on Saturday? ESPN's Peyton's Places with Peyton Manning. I had only seen highlights because it's normally only available on the app, but in this case ESPN2 was carrying. Peyton Manning is dynamite on TV. He was absolutely hilarious and witty. I told Meg I had more fun and laughed more watching this than I would have even watching a Saturday Night Live marathon. I highly recommend Peyton's Places, even if he was a rival of ours during his playing days.

Sunday morning, I then wolfed down a bacon burger medium rare from Granny's. I felt like getting spoiled and it hit the spot for sure! I was able to sneak Meg away for a nice walk in Sparta. Normally we would try to meet up for a drink somewhere in Sparta, so we just try to be a little more creative and walk. This way we get steps in while we're at it, and we hit 6,000 steps which was terrific in wonderful weather. I love that those who were walking in Sparta were definitely respecting social distancing. We were waving to one another from afar.

Sunday afternoon I spent a solid hour cleaning my grill. Cheese on grills is AWFUL!!!! EWWWWW GROSS!!!! Well worth it for my friends, at least Meg didn't have to spend the hour cleaning our grill. It was an adventure. I may have clogged my sink. I may need Meg's help / supervision with this project next weekend.

Sunday later afternoon I then watched a few episodes of The Bar Rescue marathon. That is always chicken soup for my soul. Then Sunday night, our first ever virtual happy hour! Normally on Sunday nights, I do Happy Hour at Kite's with my besties JG, Brad, and Steve. We always have such a great time. Even though we text each other almost daily, I didn't realize how much I missed getting to hear and see them. We did a round of drinks together on Zoom, and it was fantastic. We had a great time. We already agreed to have our next virtual Happy Hour next Sunday. Can't wait to see my friends again.

Overall, we had a wonderful weekend. I hope your weekend was terrific too. Time to start planning next weekend!

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