My Epic Weekend In Pictures: QuaranTeaming And Annoying Poor Meg

We'll start off this Epic Weekend In Pictures acknowledging an anniversary milestone of some sorts. According to Facebook today is the 6 year anniversary of my first ever Bear encounter here in New Jersey. It was a mild April weekend day and I was inside watching television when all of the sudden I could see a black mass of something out of the corner of my eye. Surely enough, it was my first ever New Jersey Bear encounter as he was casually walking by my deck. Little did I know that this would merely be my first of seeing upwards of a hundred over my 6 wonderful years here in Sussex County, New Jersey.

These Epic Weekends may not be as Epic as they used to be as we're practicing social distancing trying to help flatten the curve, but we still try to make every minute count. Friday night Awesome Girlfriend Megan had me color easter eggs for my first time in a couple of decades. They now apparently have egg coloring kits that are much more advanced to the simple gross vinegar and food dye combinations that we did growing up way back when. Even with these advanced new egg coloring kits, I'm still just as terrible. One of my friends pointed out to me on Instagram (cheap plug, @SteveAllanRadio) that it's no wonder why I struggled, since everything involving eggs makes me struggle and flounder. Strong points! Coloring Egg fails left and right.

Saturday morning, Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I stayed in binge watching NFL Network. I never do much binge watching, for some reason my attention span is limited to just 30 or 60 minute episodes and I'm typically good after that. Ironic considering during football season I watch NFL for like 10 straight hours go figure. Maybe that's different for me because they're 3 different games instead of just one long game? NFL Network was doing A Football Life marathon, Meg and I watched the Mike Ditka one which was very interesting. Iron Mike Ditka made some amazing plays as a player when he was a Tight End, made me think of Rob Gronwkowski believe it or not. He was that good and impressive to watch. Of course then they had to show The Bears crushing the Patriots in the Super Bowl, but all good.

Saturday afternoon, Meg and I swung by The Irish Cottage Inn to pick up a growler of Troeg's Perpertual IPA which always hits the spot. Meg also successfully went to Walmart and was able to score hair elastic bands. Awesome Daughter Amanda made a special custom mask for me (and for my nurse Aunts and my family,) but my head is too big apparently. Meg was able to score elastics that were able to expand my mask, now it won't be almost ripping my ears off when I wear it so there's another huge victory.

Later Saturday afternoon, Meg and I were invited to a virtual happy hour with several of our regular Irish Cottage buddies. We haven't seen them in so long, Meg and I were psyched. Meg was able to help custom fit my mask for me while I enjoyed the Perpetual IPA and catching up with friends we haven't seen in so long. Penny and Vince Bell, Buckeye Paul, Artie and Margie, bartender buddy Steph, and several more. It was a great soft launch of our virtual happy hour, half the comedy is all of us non tech savvy friends all trying to help each other figure out how to make everything work.

Saturday night, I grilled my world famous burgers and they came out pretty terrific. Mine was medium rare which made me very happy! Steve Andrews and Borasio can enjoy their leftover burger later today for sure. Keeping our people well fed!

Sunday was a low key day for sure. Normally Meg and I would do are farewell Sunday beer at The Cottage. Yesterday morning instead we just hung out on my couch watching Bar Rescue. Meg made lasagna for the girls, and pepperoni stromboli for me. Yummy! After Meg left, I enjoyed the Andrea Bocelli special performance. He moved me to tears so many times during his wonderful thirty minute performance. I think he helped millions yesterday. Something so powerful about just a man with a piano.

Meg admitted several times this weekend if we were quarantined together for an indefinite amount of time, she would likely kill me. Granted I didn't help my cause by giving her several bad dad jokes (which I found to be hilarious - she did not.)

Sunday night I rounded out the night watching my Bar Rescue marathon. Overall we had a wonderful weekend. I hope you had a safe, healthy weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend!

My 1st ever Bear encounter in Jersey 6 years ago

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