Corona virus update: N. J. N.Y. Pa. April 16 2020

As the governor's of New York and Pennsylvania require the use of face masks. A tragic number of residents at Andover Sub Acute one and two have recently died from corona virus. On Saturday Andover Sub Acute posted a plea for donations of face masks and any personal protective equipment on their Facebook page. This week there have been 17 corona virus related deaths at both facilities. The New Jersey Herald is reporting many staff members have been infected and two staff members have died. Andover Township Police Chief Eric Danielson told CNN the staff is "clearly overwhelmed." Both facilities combined have over 700 beds. New Jersey officials have reached out to the U.S. Public Health Service to deploy men and women to help at the state's nursing homes. Yesterday Governor Murphy announced 351 more deaths from corona virus statewide. New Jersey now has over 71,000 cases of corona virus over 3,000 have died. Yesterday the Sussex County Health Department reported 9 corona virus deaths. All were in Andover Township. There are now 536 people infected in Sussex County and 41 have died. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that all New Yorkers will be required to wear masks in public starting tomorrow. The masks will be required in situations when social distancing of 6 feet is not possible. One example would be on the New York City Subway. New York now has over 213,000 cases of corona virus 14,000 have died. That's half the total number of deaths in the United States. In Pennsylvania Governor Wolfe said all employees of essential businesses with be required to wear face masks starting Sunday. Those businesses will be allowed to refuse service to any customer not wearing a mask but must then offer that customer pick up or delivery service. As of yesterday the total number of people testing positive for corona virus in Pennsylvania was over 26,000 and 647 have died.

Sources: New Jersey Herald, Newsweek and CNN

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