Corona virus update: N.J. N.Y. Pa. April 21 2020

Yesterday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said the corona virus outbreak was "stabilizing" and promised a "broad blue print" on how to re-open New Jersey's economy by the end of the week. For the first time, the state health department released a list of corona virus cases in New Jersey long term care facilities. Over 10,000 New Jersey nursing home patients have tested positive for corona virus. Over 1,700 nursing home patients have died statewide. New Jersey has over 88,000 people who haves tested positive and over 4,000 have died. There have been 56 corona virus deaths in Sussex County. New York now has over 247,000 cases and over 17,000 deaths. In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania yesterday there was a large protest against some of the state's lock down orders. Pennsylvania has over 33,000 cases and 1,200 have died.

Source: NJ.COM New Jersey Herald Morning Call

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Photo by Pixabay

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