Corona virus update: N.J. N.Y. Pa. April 30th 2020

A bi-partisan group of state legislators has been urging Governor Murphy to reopen parks and more businesses that can offer social distancing for over a week. Yesterday, the governor gave them a partial victory by allowing state parks and golf courses to re-open at sunrise this Saturday. The governor strong recommended face masks be worn and said social distancing would be mandatory. The parks will be open for "passive recreation" like hiking and boating. Picnic areas, playgrounds, pavilions, rest rooms and visitors centers will still be closed. Murphy said he reserves the right to reverse the decision if people don't comply. The total number of corona virus cases in New Jersey has reached over 116,000. There were 329 new deaths announced yesterday. Which brings New Jersey's total to over 6,700 deaths over the last two months. The Sussex Health Department says 921 people have tested positive for corona virus so far. Over 100 county residents have died. Almost half of the deaths in Sussex County were residents of Andover Sub Acute 1 and 2. Yesterday Sussex County Freeholder Anthony Fasano said he will be asking the full freeholder board to request the national guard be deployed to Andover Sub Acute. New Jersey saw 329 more corona virus related deaths yesterday. The total number of cases now stands at over 116,000 and over 6,700 have died. State Parks and golf courses will also re-open in New York and Pennsylvania on Saturday. A group of Republican law makers and business people are taking their case against Governor Wolfe to the U.S. Supreme Court. They believe the governor's severe lock down order and forced business closings violate the U.S. Constitution.

Source: NJ.COM and New Jersey Herald

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Photo by Pixabay

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