There are real benefits when you eating out alone

I've gone on many dates, married for 12 years and raised 4 kids. Eating out by myself is something I can't ever remember doing until a few years ago. Now I fully support the idea because the benefits are real. The first time I remember making intentional plans eat out by myself was about 10 years ago. I took a couple of vacation days in early June. My kids were all in school. I needed clothes and a few things for the house. So I took a trip to the mall to relax and browse. Then I was going to treat myself to lunch. There was a Denny's nearby so that's where I went to lunch. After years of eating out with other people, especially my kids. The peace and quiet was wonderful. A few years later I decided to go on vacation by myself and that was pretty great too. Life success coach Nadia O'Boyle offers these reasons why eating out alone is so good for us. 1. It's a confidence boost. Should you really care if people look at you funny for eating alone and enjoying some self care? 2. Treat yourself. If you worry about people who stare at you. Order a great lunch or dinner for yourself and give them something to stare at. 3. Bring a prop if you are uncomfortable. A pad o write on or a newspaper. Of course, you always have your phone. 4. Allow yourself to have fun. Smile at other people and chat with your server. Check out more reasons below.

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Source: Metro

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