Let's Help Stowe, My Pet Of The Week!

My Adopt A Pet Of The Week feature will be celebrating our 7th anniversary in a couple of months. Time flies when you're having fun! One of the best parts about my Pet Of The Week is when we can use our platforms to help pets who have been through tough times through no fault of their own.

I know you can help my new little buddy, Stowe! Yep, they named the litter after ski resorts. Father John's Animal House knows very well how much I love living on my ski slope at Mountain Creek. You might remember last week how I told you we have the toughest time getting black cats their new Furever families. It amazes me how many people believe that untrue superstition that black cats are bad luck. I had my black cat Pepper for 17 amazing years, he brought me love, memories, and plenty of good luck. He was my baby. Let's help Stowe!

You can fill out your adoption application with my friends at Father John's Animal House by clicking here.