New Jersey will wake up to a partial solar eclipse tomorrow

North America's once a year "ring of fire" solar eclipse will happen tomorrow morning. Parts of Canada will actually see a "ring of fire" as the moon crosses in front of the sun and blocks it's center. Greenland will have the best views of the eclipse at sunrise. The Northeastern United States will see a partial solar eclipse just after sunrise at 5:25. Instead of a ring of fire the sun will appear to have a crescent shape. New Jersey beaches will be some of the best places to view the eclipse along the Atlantic Coast. Tall buildings in New York City with a clear view of the rising sun will get an impressive view at sunrise too. Tomorrow morning's forecast in Sussex County is calling for partly cloudy skies. Let's hope we get a few moments of clear sky while the eclipse is taking place.

Source: USA Today

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Photo: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images