Wantage Parents with 6 kids adopt 7 orphaned children from Ukraine

Wade and Michelle Torppey from Wantage already have six biological children together. Their family just made room in their hearts and home for seven more orphaned children from the Ukraine. The Torppey Family became involved with the kids through their church. The Lafayette Federated Church is part of program that brings orphaned children from Latvia and the Ukraine to the United States. So they can spend Christmas and Summers with American families. Five of the seven children had spent time with the Torppey Family over the past few years. The Torppey's went to the Ukraine to spend Christmas with 5 of the siblings in 2018. They began the process to permanently adopt those kids plus 2 more soon after. It has taken almost 3 years to complete the process. Michelle says language is a challenge. Things are getting better since the children have started school and are now learning English. The youngest of the kids is six. The oldest is 17.

Source: Morristown Daily Record

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Photo: Getty Images

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