My Epic Weekend In Pictures: I'm Now Boosted

First and foremost I want to extend condolences to family and friends of Bob Saget. He was one of my favorites. I never met him in person, but my radio friends who were lucky enough to all always said he was a legitimately great guy.

Well this weekend may not have been Epic with my quantity of pictures, but was still a great weekend due to the quality. I didn't travel as much this weekend out of an abundance of caution. Why? I GOT BOOSTED WOOHOO!

Last week, when reading along on Steve Andrews page on, I was so happy to learn about a vaccine pop up site at The Sussex County Fairgrounds. I'm so grateful for my many friends who worked so hard putting this all together. I'm grateful for all of the hard working volunteers, especially those who were outdoors on a cold January Saturday morning. This drive through vaccine site was operated tremendously. The biggest reason I hadn't received my booster shot yet was for timing purposes. I wanted to time it when I wasn't working on the weekend or traveling up to New England seeing my family. It was very important for me to be careful, because I won't forget April when I received the Johnson & Johnson shot. Early April I tested positive for Covid, and when the CDC and New Jersey declared me eligible by April 30 to get the shot I was psyched. Learning you have tested positive can be so scary, I couldn't wait to get any higher level of protection for everyone else and myself. Did I have side effects from the shot? You better believe it! I had to cancel all of my plans that weekend. I honestly felt like I was drunk all that weekend, and I drink a ton of water, almost a gallon everyday. It was still of course well worth it. I can consider myself blessed that I had more side effects from the vaccine as opposed to the virus. So blessed.

Friday we kicked off the weekend seeing my dear friend Bill Snouffer over at Nielsen Nissan in Stanhope on 206. Check presentation time! It's always fun getting to help someone give away money. Bill handed over the check for $2,022 to our listener friend Michael from Ledgewood. Congratulations, Michael!

Saturday morning I had a goal. Well, the biggest goal was to get my booster shot at The Sussex County Fairgrounds, but my earlier goal was to hydrate as much as possible. Not unlike COVID, I know these shots hit everyone differently just like the virus. I was very blessed to be symptom free when I had COVID. Some have received these vaccine shots with absolutely zero side effects whatsoever, some have had side effects. I made a quick pit stop to Starbucks at ACME in Vernon to get my treinta shaken iced green tea. It can help go a long way in hydrating you especially if you want something with more flavor than just my usual plain water.

Next stop: The Sussex County Fairgrounds! By the way, you can learn all about these pop up vaccine sites our friends put together and when they're open by clicking here. Shout out to my friend Steve Andrews for first alerting me to this. I was psyched they were open Saturday morning when I wasn't working. It was so nice knowing that I could utilize the weekend to be laid back and recover from vaccine shot side effects in case I had any. I was able to pull up and get the Moderna booster shot. They did warn me ahead of time that the side effects were stronger from Moderna than the others. I originally wanted Pfizer, but the line was longer, whereas with Moderna I didn't have as long of a wait. (Yes I know, probably not the wisest to make medical decisions based on wait times. Either way they're all scientifically proven to be usually safe anyway!) When I pulled up, the Doctor introduced himself to me. He was a retired anesthesiologist, so it was even more soothing knowing I was in great hands.

Sometimes in life, things can happen full circle. With my Epic Weekend In Pictures, I find that tends to happen even more often. Friday night I was enjoying Happy Hour with several of my dear friends at The Cottage in Franklin. I was hanging out with several friends, but spending a little more time with Margie & Artie, and Teresa & Ed. We were all talking about our weekend plans, joking about my rare lack of a plan due to potential vaccine shot side effects. Ed mentioned how he and Teresa were thinking about going to a random distillery, just to switch things up and get a change of scenery for their Saturday afternoon. I told them how much I highly recommend Brown Barn Farm's Orange County Distillery. I showed them pictures. I should get commission from those folks, LOL.

Saturday afternoon after I got the shot, Artie called me and invited me to join the 4 of them at guess where, Brown Barn Farm. I was psyched. They were blown away by the cozy big old barn with yummy beverages.

Saturday night and all Sunday morning, I spent in bed drinking tons of Gatorade. The Moderna booster definitely kicked my Caboose, but I know it's well worth it. I also should've bought stock in Gatorade before this past weekend. I think I drank 4 bottles. Life hack tip if you haven't received your booster shot yet: GATORADE. Every time I took a sip of ice cold Gatorade I instantly felt a little better. Success.

Sunday I had a home improvement goal. I went to McAfee Hardware, knowing they would send me in the right direction for improving insulation at my place. Last month I bought a new electric fireplace which I love, gives off much more heat than my old one, but still. I lose so much heat through my slider, and we know insulation doesn't tend to be a strong point when you live on Campus in The Condos in Vernon. My parents gave me more draft beater warmers that I have at the bottom of my sliders. You can tell they're definitely helping the bottom of my slider, but still not enough. Now that I have these window insulation sheets, hopefully next weekend when this major project happens it'll help. Look at me go trying to do home improvement projects! #WhatCanPossiblyGoWrong? ;)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!

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