My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Seeing My Best Friends Get Married In The DR!

Talk about an Epic Weekend. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Normally I write approximately a thousand or so words with my Weekend recaps. This one might be a little different due to the many gorgeous pictures that my writing honestly can't do justice for anyway. This was an Epic Weekend In Pictures that my family and many friends old and new will never forget. My drive to Newark International Airport was fortunately a little less adventurous than a few months ago when I went to Florida. Can you believe I went almost ten years without flying on a plane anywhere, and now this year I have gone to both Florida and Punta Cana? A little freedom to travel is quite a beautiful thing! btw, my allergies / sinus issues both in Florida and Punta Cana were SO much better. If you've been sore in Jersey or anywhere else, I recommend just getting away for a few days if possible. Although the downside to feeling better was I probably put on weight after at times eating like a viking.

Apparently I don't bounce back well from International Travel. I enjoyed my flights on JetBlue tremendously once I was able to board their freakin planes. A little anxious with it being my first time leaving the States in 15 years or so, I wanted comfort. I watched Forrest Gump on the plane and loved getting to see it again. I absolutely loved this movie in the 90s, and it largely does stand the test of time! I don't do great flying. Me being a control freak as well likes to know exactly my location at all times. Watching movies absolutely help me. It also helped me not needing to wear a mask like a few months ago in Florida. I then had 60-90 minutes left to go on our flight. I then watched The Hangover, as it was one of their stronger Comedy movie options. Watching the movie ending gave me the idea to go heavy with the descriptive pictures instead of words telling the stories. In this special case, the pictures tell the story well.

This wedding meant a ton to me and was extremely special for many reasons. When I would tell friends that I was going to Punta Cana, they all were excited for me. When I then would tell them it's to be a Groomsmen in my best friend Jasen's wedding who was also the first friend I ever made here in Jersey 8 years ago? Even more excitement. When I told them I was so beyond blessed to be the first friend he ever came out to? Even more excitement. When I told them it's my besties Jasen and Brendan (who are frequent recurring stars on my Weekend In Pictures?) Even more excitement. When I told them that they graciously generously invited my parents Madre and Padre and sister Suzanne? And that it would be the first time my family had all been together in person together on Mother's Day in 9 YEARS? You can see why I've been glowing with excitement. Getting to see my besties get married. Getting the honor of being in their bridal party. Being together with my family. Life is good.

Short recap: Thursday was arrival day and a rehearsal dinner for the bridal party. Friday we relaxed on the beach loving the beauty of where we were. I relentlessly kept putting sunscreen on and it worked! I was slightly pink on my upper back but that's already faded to tan. Being Irish and in The Dominican Republic and in May before my usual first burn? I'll take that all day! Saturday was the Epic Wedding where we made so many memories. Was everything absolutely perfect? There were challenges with mosquitoes that came out of nowhere so we pivoted moving the wedding to another beautiful spot in the resort. Dreams Macado is gorgeous. The most important part of the wedding, a million times more than a few mosquitoes was our besties getting married with so many wonderful family and friends. Earlier in the weekend, new bestie Justin approached us inviting us to join them on a party boat they were renting. Getting to swim in the warm Atlantic Ocean while watching dolphins showing off doing tricks? That was awesome!

Thank you so much for reading and viewing my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!

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