My Epic Weekend In Pictures: I Got Beat Up By A Raccoon

I can't lie, I'm mentally drained. Long story short, my upstairs neighbors for whatever reason feed raccoons every single night. It's been annoying enough having raccoons climbing up my deck to get to their deck, while often tearing down my lights that I need to keep putting back up. I've been meaning to ask them in person to stop doing this. I can't believe that I am even in a position where I have to feel bad and ask my neighbors to stop feeding the nuisance raccoons. I tried ringing their doorbell Sunday but they didn't answer. I'll give them one more try. My upstairs neighbors are very sweet people. It was bad enough when their birdseed feeders led to bears going on my deck. Now I have aggressive raccoons who charge after me.

Okay, sorry for the downer I'll try to focus on the many positives from my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Friday night we got our weekend off to a great start. The weather was absolutely gorgeous at our Campus Minerals Moonshine Tiki Bar. I had fun plans to meet up with Carrie, Jasen and Brendan. It's funny I joke with them that all summer whenever they go to Tiki that someone will be there congratulating them on their recent wedding. Champagne problem. After a refreshing Titos and Seltzer, the boys then decided they wanted to go somewhere for dinner. They went on an adventure to walk to Hef's Hut from Tiki Bar. Normally I would be up for an impromptu adventure, especially during my Epic Weekend In Pictures. In this case, since I likely broke my toe last weekend, walking a couple of miles in the dark just didn't sound like a great idea for me. I wished them well supporting their impromptu adventure, and went home.

Friday night I was on my couch contemplating doing Domino's. I haven't done that in probably a couple of months. I signed into my account and clicked on my "Recent / Easy Order." This usually takes only a few seconds, if anything they made it too convenient lol. My Recent Order for years has cost approximately $25. It is now coming in at $40! That was a quick, Easy NO for me. Love Domino's once in a great while, but not at that price. I ended up just cooking one of my frozen pizzas. You know that temporary good feeling when you know you saved money by staying in? I was totally happy with that for my Friday night.

Friday night was a nice, early night in for me. Saturday morning I woke up way too early again with my occasional insomnia. Ugh. I turned on TV and was so happy to see one of my favorite movies, Batman Begins. I'll never forget when I saw Batman Begins at the movie theater the day it came out. My girlfriend at the time dragged me kicking and screaming. I remember whining "Noooo, the last few with George Clooney and Val Kilmer have been so bad I can't go through that again." Fortunately, I was dead wrong. Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan totally saved my beloved Batman franchise. When I was little, my Dad, Padre, Mike Allan worked nights with his Corrections Officer at maximum security Walpole MCI Cedar Junction. I'll always be grateful that he risked his life for 34 years to support our family. Since we were on opposite schedules, quite often the only time I got to hang out with him and my neighboring Uncles was on weekend mornings watching the 1960s Adam West Batman reruns. When you see the uncomfortable plethora of Batman swag at my place, that's how all that started. I know what you're thinking. How I manage to stay single is a mystery to me too ;)

Over the past month, my bathroom sink broke. Last week we were able to install a new one, well, by me, I mean Kevin Plumbing lol. One negative? My sink was leaking a bit making my vanity smell all mildew like. My goal was to empty out the vanity, clean it, and put in a "DampRid," after cleaning. Besties Brendan and Jasen the other night had recommended I do that after cleaning. I think it's making a positive difference already.

I then tackled scrubbing my electric grill. I gave it a good scrubbing but might need to give it another whirl. That is one negative to the electric grill whereas a gas grill you can just pretty much burn most stuff right off of it. With my street legal electric grill it takes a little bit more TLC. Once it is clean, so worth it. One advantage to the electric grill is that everything cooks evenly, plus I don't struggle to turn it on unlike gas grills lol.

Saturday afternoon / evening was shaping up to be a beautiful, relaxing night. I bought a nice cigar from George Inn and was so happy taking in the beautiful weather on my deck. It's funny I was talking with Steve Andrews about how his backyard pool is his oasis, and my deck is mine. Unfortunately, my upstairs neighbors are ruining it.

I've been meaning for months to ask them to stop feeding these raccoons. It's annoying looking at raccoons climbing up my deck to get to their deck, and they're always knocking down my lights.

Saturday night, the raccoon knocked down my lights again. I was annoyed. Usually, when you clap at bears that are nearby, they usually walk away (thank goodness.) Instead of walking away, the raccoon charged at me on my deck. I then tried fixing my lights, tripped and fell off my deck face first. I probably should have gone to the hospital but was honestly too embarrassed. Blood started gushing from my chin, I have cuts on my elbows and legs from falling into the tree bush near my deck that I've enjoyed for years. I'm very lucky that it wasn't worse.

I went to bed upset, and still bleeding. I hate to admit there I was Saturday night saying to myself "my brand new bathroom sink is two freakin days old, and now I'm bleeding on it!" Ugh.

Sunday I tried ringing my upstairs neighbors doorbell with no such luck. Maybe they didn't hear it.

Sunday morning I definitely wanted retail therapy so I hit TJ Maxx in Pompton Plains on 23. I was able to get new socks and a new bright colored shirt.

By Sunday afternoon I was able to have fun with some of my friends at The Cottage in Franklin. Everyone was busting on me for "getting beaten up by a 7 pound raccoon." As you can see in the pictures this raccoon is definitely much heavier than 7 pounds!

Sunday night I slept to my Celtics losing to the Golden State Warriors. Ah well. Now we're even, 1-1 and Shipping Up To Boston.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend Pictures. I hope your weekend was wonderful. Time to start planning next weekend!

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