My Epic Weekend In Pictures With Lions, Tigers And Bears Oh My!

Well this was certainly an intense Epic Weekend In Pictures that I will never forget. I was so wiped out by Sunday I had nothing left and basically just stayed in bed all day sleeping to Bar Rescue on tv. I also feel like a black cloud has been following me the past few weeks. We'll start talking about my Epic Weekend In Pictures with what could have been my near death experience at Space Farms Zoo & Museum. Every summer, I join my friends the Space family and try to learn how to be an assistant Zookeeper. Last year to try to become one with the bears, I fed them a couple of steaks I bought at the grocery store. I'm trying to help the bears start to warm up to me. Last year Parker and Hunter Space came up with an idea for me to assist them by throwing bales of hay to the animals for feeding. This hilarious Facebook Live video led to a bale of hay falling apart on me on my face. I then finally was able to throw a bale of hay over the fence and accidentally hit a buffalo in his face. I think that buffalo is still bitter about that one. I love doing my Facebook Live videos with my friends The Space Family. Last year they even invited me to their gender reveal party where they utilized a lion to help announce the baby boy. We joked about how surprised we were that their master plan actually worked!

Whenever I go to Space Farms, sometimes we have these videos planned out to the exact detail, sometimes we're a little looser knowing that there is fantastic, funny animal content all over the place. Right upon arriving at Space Farms, I ran into Parker and Hunter. Hunter drove by and I congratulated him on the birth of his son. His eyes lit up and said "Steve, I have a plan, this year I want you to help me feed the lion during my feeding time demonstration." The Space family are all animal lovers. Each of them have their own special dynamic, and they always help my videos become more entertaining.

We got to the lion / tiger den cages just in time for Hunter to give his show. All of the sudden they plucked me go right in the forbidden to public area. Hunter hands me a roadkill deer. It was heavy and I struggled trying to avoid the bloody guts side of it. It's very tough to grab especially while trying to dodge the blood. I basically assisted Hunter Space with throwing the deer into the lion cage. They have a new platform raised above the cages so you can throw it over the fence to feed the massive animals. I learned very quickly this platform is better fitting for one instead of two people. Upon getting up there, I tripped and almost fell. Hunter admitted later to me he was nervous. If you fall into a lion or tiger cage, it's unlikely to end well for you. That was quite the scary near death experience! It was a fun once in a lifetime moment to feed a wild lion. I then fed two of the bears later on with steaks I bought at the grocery store. I don't think being a professional zookeeper is in my future, I better just stick to radio.

I left Space Farms slightly covered in dead roadkill deer blood. Not the first time I've left there a little bloody, lol. Definitely another Epic Facebook Live video with my friends, and especially the animals. I was able to finish out the rest of my day at the radio station, and then see friends for a Friday Happy Hour night out.

Remember how I said there seems to be a black cloud following me around lately? Memorial Day, I broke my left pinkie toe falling down and hitting the medal from a lounge chair by the pool. Then just days later I injured myself falling off my deck face first to avoid a charging attacking raccoon who was fed by some of my neighbors.

Friday night I was on my way to meet up with my friends Brad, Steve and JG for a drink at Great Gorge's Hef's Hut. It's always a fun energy on a beautiful early evening when you have so many happy golfers wrapping up their day of golfing. As I'm making my way from the parking lot getting closer and closer to Hef's Hut I saw several golfers having fun returning their golf carts. As one golfer unloaded his clubs, he put his golf cart into reverse without looking back and I was only 3 feet behind him. I jumped out of the way into nearby bushes. The golfer's face turned pasty white after he saw how close he was to accidentally running me over with his golf cart. His friends were all busting on him saying "who in the world puts a golf cart into reverse without looking back first?" I laughed it off and said "it's all good fellas, I bet it's because so many cars have backup cameras now quite often we don't have to really look straight back.

Friday night I ran into my wonderful friends Christine and Chris. One of our biggest accomplishments was scheduling a date when Chris and I will try at home brewing for Octoberfest style beers. I cannot wait to try this for sure!

Brad, Steve and I had fun listening to JG's recent vacation stories. We had a great time catching up on all of our recent vacations and weddings. We were also psyched planning attending Steve's kids T & K getting married in October. Lake Placid, New York in early October figures to be absolutely gorgeous.

Saturday late morning my travels took me towards Newton. I was craving lunch at O'Reilly's Pub in Newton. I know, me going to an irish pub is shocking lol. I then discovered they had their main streets closed to the public which reminded me that it was Newton Day. I had so much fun running into friends and seeing so many smiling faces. Once I realized that one of the main streets leading to O'Reilly's Pub was closed, it became a higher priority for me to do lunch at their place. I always try to support small restaurants/businesses especially on days that aren't normally that financially successful. Fortunately they seemed to have many regular customers there helping keep them up. I enjoyed buffalo wings, fries and a good Guinness. Success.

Saturday afternoon time to celebrate my friend Matt Spooner's birthday. Spooner's friends he grew up with in West Milford have always welcomed me warmly into their circle. We had a great time at Penning's Cidery, which as many times as I've been to Penning's over the years, had never ventured too far up the hill. It was a fun time laughing with friends and relaxing. We then had fun back at Spooner's with Spooner, Ashley, Kate and Bryon. Kate and Ashley were awesome chick friends and helped give feedback on my Bumble online dating profile. They said it was honestly better than they expected.

Sunday I was tuckered out from my Epic Weekend In Pictures. I knew the weather wasn't going to be nice outside. I just stayed in bed all day watching Bar Rescue, knowing that I had to fill in for Steve Andrews on our 102.3 WSUS Morning show early Monday morning. So here I am!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend with Crystal Springs Beer Festival!

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