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What's the first thing you think when you get lousy service at a restaurant or at a hotel? Most of us are not happy, we're paying for service and expect to be treated like royalty! Today's guest on LOVE SOMEONE, Kevin Finch, of BIG TABLE is serving up some food for thought and reminding us that a healthy dose of compassion feeds the soul.

A once upon a time, pastor-by-day and food critic-by-night, Kevin, who spent a lot of time ministering to people, sensed a very great need in the service industry - if you combine food service and hotel workers, this sector far exceeds any other organized work force in America. It's made up of some of the most vulnerable, at-risk people in our society. Low pay, long hours, crazy shifts, covered by at-risk teens, single parents, immigrant populations, and those who have served time... Barely living paycheck-to-paycheck with no guaranteed hours or benefits; it's a population plagued by addictions and circumstances beyond the comprehension of most of us who go out to dinner or on a vacation.

Kevin is working to fix this, flipping the script in a completely novel way. He's setting up his BIG TABLE (it's real and seats 48!) in communities like his home town of Spokane, Seattle and San Diego - and hoping to be in 10 cities across the country in 10 years. He serves those who serve us at his pop-up underground restaurant - and in daily conversations over cups of coffee.

Whether it's much need transportation, supplies for a new baby, or educational assistance, you never know what might be dished up by Big Table.

Join us for one of the most fascinating stories we've heard in a loooong time!

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