#LoveSomeoneWithDelilah ... Podcast with Leslie Odom Jr. **LISTEN NOW!**

It's here! My last podcast of 2020 - and I've save the best for last! Ever heard of a Broadway production called "Hamilton"?? How 'bout the lead character, Aaron Burr??? If you're nodding, yes, yes, yes, you'll be excited to hear that Tony Award winner, Leslie Odom, Jr., will be joining us today on my podcast!

Though Broadway is taking a break, Leslie has been doing anything but - he's been a busy busy man! For one, he's released a Christmas album, two, he stars in a movie opening on Christmas Day, AND, this past Sunday, he hosted the CBS special, "A Home For The Holiday's" to help raise awareness of foster care adoption. He's everywhere - including here with us!

Join in and get the full-scoop on our last podcast of 2020, with Leslie Odom, Jr.!