George Fuller
For nearly 40 years George Fuller has been a name known to Sussex County radio listeners. At a young age George knew what he wanted to do when he grew up. One was to be a school teacher; the other was to be a radio DJ. George has accomplished both. After being a public educator for 25 years, he is now retired and devotes more time to his radio career which began as a senior in high school. Most of George's radio years have been at WSUS. He spent 4 years at WFMV (now WSUS' sister station, Max 106.3); besides being on the air, part of his stay at WFMV included being the station's program director. When George is not working he enjoys swimming and watching the Yankees. He comes from a die hard Yankee family. He is also very active in his church. George's job at WSUS is as a weekend DJ plus filling in on the air during the week. So you never know when you'll hear George on the air!