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Here is what Pharmacists recommend as the best OVER THE COUNTER medications

When it comes to allergies, pain relief, sunscreen, etc... are you curious to see what Pharmacists say works best? Well, there is a list.

Here is the 2021 OVER THE COUNTER LIST...

Headaches . . . Tylenol.

Adult allergies . . . Claritin.

Kids Aallergies...Children's Claritin.

The best sunscreen . . . Neutrogena.

Bug bites or bee stings . . . After Bite.

For coughs . . . Delsym for adults. And Dimetapp for kids.

Flu . . . Theraflu.

Multivitamins . . . Centrum

Acne Cream . . . Differin Gel.

Hand sanitizer . . . Purell.

For more on this list: CLICK HERE

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