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#FreeBritney Day. Here is what's happening today?

You'll see #FreeBritney trending everywhere today...

She has another court date today. There are many petitions that the judge may rule on today.

Such As:

Can she choose her own attorney?

Does her dad stay in control of the Conservatorship?

Her court appointed Lawyer has asked to be allowed to resign (atfer making $3 MILLION DOLLARS on this case since 2008.) WOW!

Her co-conservators, Bessemer Trust, has also been removed, as they asked to be.

Her Manager, Larry Rudolph has stepped down after 20+ years.

She isn't expected to be in attendance, but she is rumored to be calling in.

Now, none of us know exactly what is going on in that home and in her head. But I think we can agree that she isn't being treated fairly.

If you want to read more about today's courtroom events...


You can also listen to a podcast about it too!

Good Luck Britney... Sending you much support. xo

Photo Cred: Jive Records & Getty Images

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