Hawaiian Pizza...yes, it includes PINEAPPLE

Recently, I celebrated National Pizza Day with what else? A slice of pizza. No, not an ordinary slice, but a favorite of mine for years...the Hawaiian Pizza!

Lately, I've been hearing nothing but hate and disdain for the pizza that typically contains pineapple and ham. Why? The first time I saw it, I have to admit it looked odd and didn't strike me as something that I would enjoy. That was until I gave it a try and after one bite I was hooked!

But then I see these comments and memes online about how it's not only wrong but sacrilegious to even entertain the thought of one pineapple morsel on top of a bed of mozzarella and tomato sauce layered onto a round dough. One video that disturbed me was a freshly made Hawaiian pizza pie being pushed into the garbage can. When I saw that video, I had to step up and defend one of my favorite pies. Really? To push a freshly cooked pie right into the garbage is such a waste of good food and could be put to use better for those who actually enjoy it...me, being one of millions who appreciate a good pizza...

Trust me...open your mind and enjoy a slice of Hawaiian Pizza today. Just take one bite and you'll definitely order a whole pie to take home! Look at the deliciousness of the slice featured here in the photo I took yesterday during my lunch!

Hawaiian slice

Photo by Mel Ajero

Mel Andrews

Mel Andrews

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