The New Year....It's Time to Purge

Yes, those interview pants, helping you look 'business professional' where you spent WAY too much money that doesn't fit anymore, can go!

Clothes that are WAY TOO BIG, need to go too.  If it's too big, why have it take up room in your closet?

Fake Bags (counterfeit handbags), seems that those bags we find the street for sale could be part of a criminal act --->.

Frumpy pajamas.....WHAT?  You're grown up now, time to invest in real pj's and toss the t-shirts and flannel pants, WHAT?

Pilled leggings, right in the trash!  Splurge, get yourself a few new pairs, obviously it's time!

The coat you've worn for too many winters needs to go.  Coats have a lifespan too, so if it's reached 'the end', get a new one because....hey, you've kept this one in great shape, you will for the next!  On my list!!!

Super skinny jeans need to go, they really are bad for your health....they restrict your organs and your force to sit uncomfortably all day, even while driving!

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