Newton Man Accepts Plea in Stabbing Case

A Newton man has accepted a plea bargain after admitting to being a co-conspirator in the stabbing of a Stillwater man. Tyler Godfrey, 20, said he instructed Kyle Chirip, 21, to "stab and kill" the victim because he was afraid police would find out he was selling drugs.

The plea bargain means Godfrey will be sentenced as a second-degree offender with a recommended 10-year sentence in state prison.

Chirip, a Fredon resident, is facing charges that include first-degree attempted murder, first-degree conspiracy to commit murder, and first-degree robbery. He reportedly stabbed the victim six times with a knife because he thought it would help him get initiated into the Bloods street gang.

Godfrey's sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 9.

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Sarah the Web Girl


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