Sussex Borough Resident Creates Bucket List for Terminally Ill Dog

A Sussex Borough woman created a bucket-list for her dog, Odin, after he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of terminal bone cancer. Though Bobbie-Jo Ledford was distraught at the news, she is making the most of the time her 4-year-old St. Bernard has left. 

Ledford posted the list on a Facebook group she created called "Odin's Bucket List." The group has nearly 6,000 members who follow Odin's journey, share their own stories and suggest new items for Odin's to accomplish.

Over 40 items on the list have been fulfilled including taking a picture by a helicopter, getting a Puppichino at Starbucks, and becoming an honorary fire pup.

You can follow Odin's journey on Facebook and Instagram.

Sarah the Web Girl


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