Vernon VFW Trial Over Sewer Fees to Start Thursday

The pro bono lawyer for Vernon's VFW, Kevin Kelly, has given Vernon Township's Municipal Utilities Authority an ultimatum: if they go to trial, Kelly will try to have the sewerage authority sanctioned. 

The issue at hand dates back to 2013 when the VFW was faced with $46,000 in fees for a mandatory sewer hookup. They obtained deferrals for two years and eventually the fee was reduced so the VFW paid the VTMUA and Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority. 

All seemed well until two months later when the VFW was told there was a mistake and their fees might be doubled because the estimates didn't account for the bar in the VFW hall.

In turn, the The VFW filed a suit against the VTMUA in 2016 and neither party has been able to agree on a settlement since then.

A trial is set for Thursday in Morristown.

Read the story here.

Sarah the Web Girl


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