Local Mom Hosting 'Nurse-In' After Incident At Franklin Pond

A Franklin resident who had the police called on her for breastfeeding at the Franklin Pond is hosting a "nurse-in" on Saturday Aug. 4. A Recreation Committee member and a Borough Administrator criticized the 36-year-old on Tuesday while she was nursing her daughter and asked her to "do it somewhere else" and "cover up"

Michelle Ayala, who was legally within her rights to breastfeed on the beach, organized the event to show that nursing a child in public is natural and "can be done anywhere, anytime." The Facebook page for the event encourages everyone to attend, including women who no longer nurse, fathers, and husbands.

The "nurse-in" is scheduled to take place at the Franklin Pond and a rain date is set for Aug 5. 

Read the NJHerald.com story here.

Sarah the Web Girl


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