Proposed Ordinance Would Allow Vernon Residents to Have Backyard Chickens

A Vernon woman is looking to change current town zoning laws to allow residents to raise chickens and ducks in their backyards. Elizabeth Rockwell started a petition to lower the current property requirement of five acres and the town council is set to vote on the matter September 10. 

Though others have been unsuccessful in trying to change the ordinance, Rockwell has collected nearly 500 signatures and started a Facebook group. According to the New Jersey Herald, an ordinance was proposed last month and would allow allow single-family residential lots that are at least 100 feet by 200 feet to raise up to six chickens or ducks. Roosters wouldn't be permitted though.

Unfortunately for many people, including Rockwell, their lot sizes are still smaller than what the new requirement would be.

Read the story here.

Photo: Roy Mehta / Getty Images

Sarah the Web Girl


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