Four NJ Roman Catholic Priests Among 300 Accused of Abuse

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Four New Jersey Roman Catholic priests were named in a grand jury report that detailed the abuse of over 1,000 children by 300 priests. The report stems from a two-year investigation into the cover-up of child abuse by senior church officials in Pennsylvania

The report covered all but two diocese in Pennsylvania and said that the number of victims is likely much higher.

We subpoenaed, and reviewed, half a million pages of internal diocesan documents. They contained credible allegations against over three hundred predator priests. Over one thousand child victims were identifiable, from the church's own records. We believe that the real number - of children whose records were lost, or who were afraid ever to come forward - is in the thousands.

Below are the four New Jersey priests named in the report:

  • Father Augustine Giella (page 157) - He was charged with sexually abusing five girls from the same family. The report said Giella regularly collected samples of the girls' urine, pubic hair, and menstrual blood and would ingest some of the samples. He was arrested in August 1992 and died while awaiting trial.
  • The Rev. A. Gregory Uhrig (page 384) - He groomed and sexually abused a 13-year-old girl but was never charged because the statute of limitations had expired before the abuse was reported.  
  • The Rev. John P. Connor (page 629) - He was arrested in New Jersey in 1984 for sexually molesting a 14-year-old and the report said the abuse took place in Connor' s home in the Diocese of Camden. However, he never went to trial because lawyers for the Diocese of Camden negotiated pretrial intervention. The agreement with the Cape May Prosecutor's Office was that Connor's arrest record would be erased if he admitted to sexually molesting the 14-year-old and he wasn't re-arrested in the next year. 
  • The Rev. James Hopkins (page 669) - He pled guilty to sexually molesting an altar boy in Camden County in 1995 and was sentenced to a 10 year prison sentence. He was also ordered to register as a sex offender.

Read the 1,356 page report here.

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